How bad do you want it, Part 2

The last time I updated this blog is a little while ago. I wrote about how bad do you want it?

I must admit I had a very bad low in that time. you train constantly but you gain nothing from it. It kind of leaves you quite burned out. I didn’t stop training because I wanted to, but the summer season jumped in and I had no other choice but to concentrate on working. I had to put down a fight, I got sick, couldn’t continue the training I wanted, was out for about 2 weeks and than the season started with heavy ice and snowfall and we had to work outside. That left me drained as it was and by the time my body adjusted the fight was coming too close for me to keep up an and train enough. There was even more coming to play.

However, I always question how much you have to put in to actually be the best. What happens if you don’t have the resources to afford  the training you would need? More importantly, if you have no family, no relationship, no commitments, its easy to give all of yourself into the sport, give it all of your time, make friends at the gym and evolve your life around it. It is actually easy to train hard if you are surrounded by good hard training people, is doesn’t make you feel bad, sure you skill level may not be anywhere close, but it is much easier. So what happens if you start having a real life around it?

I changed my job about half a year ago and with it I changed gym too. I couldn’t afford travelling 40 Km one way to train. do this 4-5 times a week and it left me completely broken.

So it was either finding a sponsor who pays for my travel expenses or making other things new.

I decided for the latter. The new job comes with new work commitments and it isn’t always easy to train, cook, sleep, keep up a relationship and working at least 9 hrs a day.

So, how bad do you want it? Having a good life around, like a healthy relationship, work and friends makes you lazy to train, skipping one or two classes, finding excuses, not getting out of bed, working too late.

The question you have to pose yourself is whether you really want to stay that average? Do you want to go home after work, sit on that couch, wait for your partner to come home, cook and sleep on during weekends? Do you want a career and good money?

I asked myself more than once if this wouldn’t be really nice, being average. But than I almost instantly answer myself I don’t want to be average. Id rather be always the stranger who does things differently than the ones around me. And I don’t mind. Ive always been different and I love it.

It is hard over here to get the training in, you need to be in different clubs and the level of technique is not that good, I don’t get the fights I want, nor the sparring partners I would need. But I know I can still do it.

Plus I have an amazing man by my side, who has already been in my corner with me, who doesn’t mind me being tired from training, who trains himself and who always puts me back together. I surely couldn’t keep up a relationship with any other man.


So, that’s all I can say. It isn’t easy, but nothing is. I try giving it my all and I hope I can still get some decent fights in!!